Lucy Morris

February 23, 2024

Dying to Live!

As Christians we are challenged by the need to see Jesus clearly, and to hear him speaking honestly and directly to us, just as he was speaking to his disciples […]
February 17, 2024

Blown and Windswept by the Spirit!

I have been reflecting on the breathless speed with which Mark’s gospel introduces us to Jesus, to what is happening and how his ministry commences.  And I remember someone saying […]
February 9, 2024

Despair and Hope!

I wonder what the transfiguration of Jesus would look like to our eyes and minds today if we were present as this happened.  As we reflect on the divinity and […]
February 3, 2024

No More Demons!

It was the Sabbath and Jesus and his four disciples, named by Mark, as Andrew and Simon, James and John, had left the synagogue in Capernaum, where Jesus had healed […]
January 25, 2024

Who is doing the yelling?

There is an extraordinary injunction in the letter of Paul to the Corinthians, that captured my imagination as I prayed and prepared for this reflection.  Paul writes to the Corinthian […]
January 25, 2024

Stand at the crossroads, where the good way lies….

A few weeks ago, I told you the story of Takashi Nagai, the story of a Japanese doctor, who became a Christian before WWII and after the atom bomb was […]
January 12, 2024

Who do we trust?

I’ve been listening to other people’s conversations in recent days as I think about how Jesus’ circle of disciples came into being, as it is described in John’s gospel.  There’s […]
January 4, 2024

Choosing God’s Wilderness!

I’ve been thinking about the ‘wilderness’, a word that captured my imagination as I prepared for this sermon based on Mark 1:4-12. The first reference is made as John the […]
December 21, 2023

Hopeful Midwives!

Around the world, Christians are celebrating today, the birth of God’s Son, the Word made flesh and now living among us as a small, helpless baby.  We hear the good […]