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October 8, 2015
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Today Baptistcare hosted a Master Class on ‘keeping the faith in faith-based care organisations’ at the start of the Baptist Care Australia National Annual Conference which is being held in Perth during this week.

Gathered in the Master Class were people from all around the country and locally who had come from different faith based organisations who engaged in discussions led by Dr Neil Preston, Organisational Psychologist.

The interest in such a topic is because of the growing pressures by commerce, governments and some parts of our community to remove from the public and formal spaces anything that might be religious or have religious implications. This is of real concern to Baptistcare as our response is completely the opposite, as we look to the future of our civil society and confirm and reaffirm our commitment to retaining our character, tradition and behaviour as active Christian organisations, both publicly and privately, in community.

Understanding our Christian identity as organisations is critical to our future wellbeing and to the quality and content of the decisions we make. It speaks directly and clearly to our Vision, Mission and Values. It is evident in our name and our founding story. How we express our identity so that it makes sense to those who use our services and those who are employed by us is then, of the utmost importance.

My own reflection on the questions posed in the discussion says we have to keep asking the question: ‘Who is Jesus in our organisation, and how do we profess him in our words and work?’ The answer to those questions will then determine what aspects we want to see in our daily working lives and our plans for the future; it will help us decide what to focus on for our services and how we behave and respond to the needs in our community.

It was a great conversation to have and plenty of food for thought.

Lucy Morris
Lucy Morris
Anglican Priest, International Speaker, Published Author, Social Justice Advocate and Activist.


  1. Ted Witham says:


    It sounds to have been a fascinating and fruitful session. As you know, I have retired from my role as CEO of an inter-church organisation working in the public sphere. I would be most interested in reading any papers from the Master Class that could be made public – or emailed privately to me.

  2. barbara Harris says:

    I recently received here at Emmanuel Centre, self help centre for people with disabilities, your Baptist Care Newsletter. I was thrilled to see an article about St Francis of Assisi, a favourite example of true leadership. I was moved to goggle Baptistcare and was drawn to an article “Faith-based leadership in faith-based organisations.” We are part of the Catholic Church outreach and we have recently been concerned that maybe churches are getting so involved in government funding that what is missing is this :who is Jesus in our organisation and how do we profess him in our words and work.” We ourselves have opted not to rely on Government funds as the funds criteria change and but people’s needs do not. Anyway just wanted to touch base with you and it gives each of us or us anyway the courage to keep walking on our journey. You can read about us on our web age “emmanuel Centre perth. Barbara

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